Sunday, April 15, 2012


I know, it has been a very long time since I have posted anything.  Not out of laziness that is for sure.  We have had 2 immediate family deaths (my mother-in-law and a future son-in-law), 1 very close friend death and 1 past student of mine death all in a matter of 6 weeks.  On top of that, our 3 year old labrador was rushed to the Vet, had to stay 4 days as he was entering renal failure and has been diagnosed with Addison's disease.  All this PLUS still be a teacher and take care of all my kiddos!  Anyone want to start a HAWAII VACATION fund for me?  I NEED to bury my head feet in the beautiful sand on Maui!!! (I go there often in my mind)!

During my spring break I had to take care of some personal items and get affairs in order for the "Celebration of Life" that we will be organizing for my mother-in-law.  During this time, I began designing the decorations, celebration invitation and celebration of life theme decor at the stern jovial request of my sister-in-law.  After showing everyone what I had come up with, and after a lot few oo's and ah's, something in my brain clicked.  I LOVE to design (as I have an interior design background) and I love to change my classroom A LOT!!  I have decided to start a new business with my son (graphic designer) and came up with "Classroom Couture"  Putting a little "BLING" in every classroom.  I am SO EXCITED for the little adventure and cannot wait to get up and running.  We are currently working on a special theme and hope to have it done by this weekend.

Here is my new website:

Classroom Couture
Please visit me and tell all your friends. I hope you will like what I have to offer! Until then, many blessings.