Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dr. Seuss Freebie

I absolutely love to celebrate Dr. Seuss week in my class. In fact, we usually do it for 2 weeks because I have so much that I like to do with the kiddos. I plan WAY TO MANY activities and with only 4 hours a day to "play", I can't get it all done in a week!

Here is one item I use during our celebration. After reading several books, I like to have the kids tell me what their favorite book is and the incorporate some math/reading into the graph we created. This year, with the help of KPM graphics, I have made graph markers that I will laminate and use from year to year now. I will just have the kids place them on the white board with blue painters tape. I will make a graph on the white board with black duct tape then use blue painters tape (easy to remove from the covers)on the covers. I want to share them with you if you would like to use them!

Have a "Seusstastic" Week


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