Thursday, September 15, 2011

Be Prepared!

As a special education teacher if I have learned one thing it is "Be prepared to be UNPREPARED".  My first 2 weeks of school have proven this theory.  I spent my whole summer preparing my WHOLE year's worth of lesson plans, wrote them, copied them, made all the worksheets that goes with them only to find out after meeting my special kinders that I clearly have to MODIFY, MODIFY, MODIFY everything I planned.  Oh, did I mention that MODIFY is also another word that is at the top of my teaching vocabulary? It is a good thing that I have learned to be flexible too! Okay, that is word #3 on my teaching vocab.  But, as a teacher I know that everyday is a learning day for me too!  We make the best of it, smile and remember tomorrow is always a new day!

Hope everyone is having a great school year so far!


Louanne said...

Hey ,so sorry that I just saw your comment on my blog! Beginning of the year has been tough, but slowly getting better. Just feel that all I do is plan and make stuff! I have a kindergarten class of 24 with a full time assistant. We have 6 kindergarten classes and I always seem to get many special little ones each year. I have 2 autistic children with a shadow for them and they are doing well. I always love my "out of the box" kids - I have a 17 year old with Aspergers and I always want lots of patience and love for him like I try to give others. I love, love our blog design, but now am thinking about changing because there are at least 4 of us now with the same design - it is so cute! Have a good school year! Louanne
My Kindergarten Kids

Class Full of Speical Kinders said...

I know Louanne. I hadn't seen anyone else with the design when I chose it but now have also seen 4. :-( I wanted to be unique. Guess not! :-)
WOW, you have a very busy day/class. Yes, teaching children with special needs is a challenge I know. I have 8 students so far, 3 with Autism, and 5 non-verbal and 4 of them not potty trained. I do have one assistant. So we are always on the move as well. Hope things smooth out for you and a you get into a nice routine. I know, wishful thinking huh? LOL.
Take care and have a great year!

Mrs. Angela said...

I'm with ya! I teach K-2 in a CDC special ed classroom. We certainly have to have those words in our vocabulary! I'm just struggling to figure out which direct instruction reading and math program is going to work with my little ones. Ugh! What do you use?

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