Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..........

I planned to get so much more done during this Thanksgiving break but I ended up coming down with a horrible sinus infection and was in bed until Wednesday night!  Why is it every holiday break I come down with something?  I have yet to have a fun or productive break!  This is the first day I have been able to actually sit at my computer and manage to get something done.  I did manage to get a little Math Center done so I thought I would share it with whoever wishes to download it.  My brain is still foggy as the antibiotics have not kicked in yet so this is the best I could do for now! :-)

The first part of the center is counting the objects and then placing the correct number next to them and the second half is an AB, AAB, ABB pattern strips.  I have copied mine on cardstock and laminated them so we can use them for the entire month of December.

Hope you like them!


Amanda Myers said...

Hope you are feeling better Jeannie. I'm giving you the sunshine award. Head over to my blog to check it out.


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