Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Is it FRIDAY yet?

Funny thing, as I was preparing to write this posting, I stumbled over to Mrs. Wills Kindergarten and read her post for the day and it made me feel so much better as I thought it was just me feeling like the "teacher" had checked out of her room and the kiddos had "checked" in.  I actually said out loud today, "Where is the teacher for this class"? and funny thing is, one of my higher level SDC Kinders said, "Mrs. H. you are so silly, you are right there"!  I certainly didn't feel right there!  It's almost Friday.  I keep telling myself, "hang in there".  I sure hope that Halloween doesn't ever fall on a Monday as long as I am teaching.  If so, I will plan a "sick" day for myself the day after or maybe the rest of the week after!  Fall break couldn't come soon enough!


Special Ed Teacher said...

I totally agree...Halloween should never fall on a Monday....It never seemed like Friday would get here

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