Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Displaying class work

I have been asked by several teachers how I display the students work.  I use a bulletin board, decorate however you like then gird off  with string however many students you have (I am fortunate and only have 10) but you can modify this idea to fit your needs.  After the grids are made, I used a Lakeshore Learning write on magnet clip but you could use clips from the dollar store, I write the students name on the clip and whenever they do a project I clip it to their name.  Makes for a great display area and doubles as a drying rack!  I put above it on the wall, "Look What We Did"  I have had so many compliments on this by other teachers and parents as well.


Laura Major (Learning Is Child's Play) said...

That is Awesome Jeannie! Did you make the "Look What We Did" lettering too? If so, "how" did you do it and if not "where" did you get it? ;)

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