Sunday, July 17, 2011

End of year Ocean theme.

We hold our "Open House" at our school at the end of May and I like to  use the Ocean theme for open house as we are soon approaching summer.  I just wanted to share a few pictures of our sea creatures that we learned about and how I posted them on a Bulletin board to share with the parent's when they toured our room for open house.  I also made a "Guess Who" wall portrait that the students decorated and we wrote clues about who we were to see if Mom's and Dad's could guess their child.  The student's LOVED making these and were so excited so show their families!

        Computer screen saver I made for open house.
      This was our table of favorite books.

 Surfer's that the students decorated at home with Mom's and Dad's.  So cute!!

   Scuba Divers (not are real good picture :-(

The kids loved adding to this all week.  I mixed brown paint with cornmeal to give the ocean floor a texture    of sand look.  The Starfish were made with cornmeal and glue.  When dried, they really felt like Starfish!

 Cheerio Octopus, Mr. Seahorse, and a paper plate Orca.

         Guess who?

     "Gilbert the Great" paper bag whales.


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