Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I am all about classroom management in my room and I try to be as patient as ever but there are times when our instruction time is disrupted with "tattling." How many of us are in the middle of circle time and you are asking for an answer and a student raises their hand and you get this great big smile on your face and say to yourself,"Yay, David knows the answer" only to call on him and out comes "Bobby is touching me." The conversation bubble in my head is popped and I lose my place in circle time only to re-direct a behavior once again. While looking through my "Really Good Stuff" catalog, I came across the "Tattling Turtle." I LOVE this idea and just had to have it so I made one for myself. I made the sign like theirs but typed my name in and laminated it with my handy dandy Scotch Laminating machine (which I love and have 2 of them!). I bought a container at Target for $1, added some post it notes, a marker and a little stuffed turtle that I had. I cannot wait to use it this year. Go to: www.reallygoodstuff.com to see the original Tattling Turtle kit. Here is a copy of my version to share....


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