Monday, July 25, 2011

My version of the BEE Binder.. It's called the MONKEY Binder

I have seen many different names for the Bee Binder, Moose book, Daisy Binder... etc... But, I love the MONKEY binder because we are the Marvelous Monkeys class. My Organization Notebook Keeps Everything Yearlong! Here is how I have set mine up. On the first page (I have used pocket plastic folders to keep each paper in) is the students name, our classroom and my name. On the second and third page is a letter to the parents, 4th page is for weekly homework, 5th page is our class schedule and contact info, 6th page is the district school calendar, 7th page is our monthly lunch menu and the 8th page is a class list. On the front pocket I have made a tag that says. "Return to School" and the back pocket says, "Keep at Home." Just thought I would share! :-)


Mrs. Coe said...

Very cute!

Class Full of Speical Kinders said...

Thank you Mrs. Coe!

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