Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kool Aid colored rice bottles

I couldn't wait to make these after I saw them on  They are so simple to make and you can use them in so many ways.  I will be using them with my students to help identify the alphabet (upper and lowercase). As the year goes on, I plan on using them to help with sight words.  I have printed off the alphabet on card stock and will be laminating them, and after cutting them, I will place them in the bottle.  Then I am going to make and print up letter stamp sheets.  The students will have to correctly identify the letter they see in the rice bottle and stamp it on the sheet (not all letters on the sheet will be in the bottle).  I know my kiddo's will have a blast playing with these rice bottles.

I made strawberry, lemon-lime and grape.

1 package of Kool-Aid (do not add the sugar)
1/4 cup hot water
2 cups of white rice
wax paper
dry water bottle

Mix the Kool-Aid in a the measuring cup with the 1/4 cup of hot water.  Stir well.  Put the rice in the baggie.  Add Kool-Aid mixture to rice, secure bag and knead rice until all the Kool-Aid has evenly colored the rice.  Dump rice on wax paper and spread with spoon.  Let dry.  After it is dry, place in plastic water bottle and add your goodies as desired.

SO MUCH FUN!!!  I like to incorporate as much sensory items into my classroom as I can as I teach special education but these can be used for any classroom environment!


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